These Raid Vendor Armor Sets are designed specifically to help you progress through the end game raid experience. These armor sets are level 50 and are purchased using Plaques of Achievement and Glyphed Armor pieces. The plaques are gained through completeing daily dungeon quest and defeating the dungeon bosses. The glyphed armor pieces are dropped by raid mobs in the instanced raids.

As Chain Armor sets, Clerics and Warriors can equip it in their normal equipment slots, but only Clerics can wear it in their Wardrobe sets.


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Where to FindEdit

This set can be bought from Arion Kliugin, the Guardian Cleric Raid Armor Set Vendor in the Lodge of the Plains in Sanctum, around 7594, 869, 3100.

DPS Set Piece Names Tank Set Piece Names Healing Set Piece Names Plaque Price Glyph
Shyla's Consecrated Hauberk Thorivn's Dauntless Hauberk Diona's Seraphic Hauberk 100 Chest
Shyla's Consecrated Greaves Thorivn's Dauntless Greaves Diona's Seraphic Greaves 100 Legs
Shyla's Consecrated Helm Thorivn's Dauntless Helm Diona's Seraphic Helm 80 Head
Shyla's Consecrated Shoulderguards Thorivn's Dauntless Shoulderguards Diona's Seraphic Shoulderguards 80 Shoudler
Shyla's Consecrated Gloves Thorivn's Dauntless Gloves Diona's Seraphic Gloves 50 Hands
Shyla's Consecrated Boots Thorivn's Dauntless Boots Diona's Seraphic Boots 50 Feet