Defiant Dungeon - Lepatria Freetairn
Lepatria Freetairn is the Raid Armor Set Vendor for Defiants. She can be found in the Catari Command Center in the right underground wing of Meridian, around 6104, 913, 5081.


Lepatria Freetairn sells Tier 1 raid gear. These armor sets are all level 50 and are purchased using Plaques of Achievement and Glyphed Armor pieces. The Plaques of Achievement are gained through completeing daily dungeon quest and defeating the dungeon bosses. The Glyphed Armor pieces are dropped by mobs inside of the raid instances. 

This is only a listing of the armor she carries that has a visible model. She may carry more items such as necklaces, belts, or weapons, but they are not listed here.


DPS Set Pieces Plaque Price Glyph
Amunent's Studious Robes 100 Chest
Amunent's Studious Pantaloons 100 Legs
Amunent's Studious Hood 80 Head
Amunent's Studious Shoulderpads 80 Shoudler
Amunent's Studious Gloves 50 Hands
Amunent's Studious Slippers 50 Feet


DPS Set Pieces Tank Set Pieces Plaque Price Glyph
Durne's Plundering Jerkin Dacia's Shadowmeld Jerkin 100 Chest
Durne's Plundering Breeches Dacia's Shadowmeld Breeches 100 Legs
Durne's Plundering Helm Dacia's Shadowmeld Helm 80 Head
Durne's Plundering Shoulderpads Dacia's Shadowmeld Shoulderpads 80 Shoudler
Durne's Plundering Gloves Dacia's Shadowmeld Gloves 50 Hands
Durne's Plundering Boots Dacia's Shadowmeld Boots 50 Feet


DPS Set Pieces Tank Set Pieces Healing Set Pieces Plaque Price Glyph
Damon's Annointed Hauberk Thorivn's Dauntless Hauberk Diona's Seraphic Hauberk 100 Chest
Damon's Annointed Greaves Thorivn's Dauntless Greaves Diona's Seraphic Greaves 100 Legs
Damon's Annointed Helm Thorivn's Dauntless Helm Diona's Seraphic Helm 80 Head
Damon's Annointed Shoulderguards Thorivn's Dauntless Shoulderguards Diona's Seraphic Shoulderguards 80 Shoulder
Damon's Annointed Gloves Thorivn's Dauntless Gloves Diona's Seraphic Gloves 50 Hands
Damon's Annointed Boots Thorivn's Dauntless Boots Diona's Seraphic Boots 50 Feet


DPS Set Pieces Tank Set Pieces Plaque Price Glyph
Lotham's Savage Breastplate Dhel's Sinister Breastplate 100 Chest
Lotham's Savage Greaves Dhel's Sinister Greaves 100 Legs
Lotham's Savage Greathelm Dhel's Sinister Greathelm 80 Head
Lotham's Savage Shoulderplates Dhel's Sinister Shoulderplates 80 Shoudler
Lotham's Savage Gauntlets Dhel's Sinister Gauntlets 50 Hands
Lotham's Savage Sabatons Dhel's Sinister Sabatons 50 Feet