Defiant Dungeon - Narnlie Leighton
Narnlie Leighton is one of the Dungeon Armor Set Vendors for Defiants. She can be found in the Catari Command Center in the right underground wing of Meridian, around 6104, 913, 5081.


Narnlie Leighton sells Tier 2 expert dungeon gear which can be purchased using Plaques of Achievement. These plaques are earned by killing bosses inside expert dungeons and completing dungeon daily quests.

This is only a listing of the armor she carries that has a visible model. She may carry more items such as necklaces, belts, or weapons, but they are not listed here.


DPS Set Pieces Price
Thamaturge's Robes 235 plaques
Thamaturge's Leggings 235 plaques
Thamaturge's Headdress 188 plaques
Thamaturge's Shoulder Pads 188 plaques
Thamaturge's Gloves 141 plaques
Thamaturge's Boots 141 plaques


DPS Set Pieces Tank Set Pieces Price
Marauder's Brigadine Auxilla's Brigadine 235 plaques
Marauder's Leggings Auxilla's Leggings 235 plaques
Marauder's Helm Auxilla's Helm 188 plaques
Marauder's Spaulders Auxilla's Spaulders 188 plaques
Marauder's Gloves Auxilla's Gloves 141 plaques
Marauder's Boots Auxilla's Boots 141 plaques


DPS Set Pieces Tank Set Pieces Price
Exemplar's Hauberk Annointed Iron Hauberk 235 plaques
Exemplar's Greaves Annointed Iron Greaves 235 plaques
Exemplar's Great Helm Annointed Iron Great Helm 188 plaques
Exemplar's Pauldrons Annointed Iron Pauldrons 188 plaques
Exemplar's Gauntlets Annointed Iron Gauntlets 141 plaques
Exemplar's Sabatons Annointed Iron Sabatons 141 plaques


DPS Set Pieces Tank Set Pieces Price
Legionnaire's Curiass Stone Carapace Curiass 235 plaques
Legionnaire's Greaves Stone Carapace Greaves 235 plaques
Legionnaire's Barbute Stone Carapace Barbute 188 plaques
Legionnaire's Spaulders Stone Carapace Spaulders 188 plaques
Legionnaire's Gauntlets Stone Carapace Gauntlets 141 plaques
Legionnaire's Sabatons Stone Carapace Sabatons 141 plaques
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