This article is about Warlord's Plate Set model. As a Plate Armor set, only Warriors are capable of wearing it in their Wardrobe slots or their normal equipment slots.

Basic ModelEdit

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Where to FindEdit

This set can be found under other set names such as:

  • Cobatant's, Gibbous, Vanquisher's, Peerless

The basic model can be found in several places:

  • Crafted by the Armorsmith proffession as the Cobalt Plate set
  • Loot drops from mobs, puzzles, cairns, etc starting around level 30
  • Quest rewards from Droughtlands and Moonshade Highlands
  • The chest and shoulder pieces can be bought off of the PvP vendors in Scarlet Gorge: Qirana Nor for Defiants and Lorant Erellian for Guardians
  • The gloves can be bought off of the PvP vendor in Droughtlands, Gerand Ernel, and the two in Moonshade Highlands, Steil Rummnuggin for Defiants and Kelik for Guardians.
  • The gloves and boots are available as the level 25 planar armor items from Rare Planar Goods vendors.


Warlord's Items

Warlord's Set Items

This model can be procured in many different ways and under many different names. It can be, however, fairly easy to determine if and item belongs to this set or to collect matching pieces by using the item icons as a guide. The icons for this basic model can be seen to the right. This is a general rule of thumb, though, as some icons in-game are mismatched and some alternate skins of the same model share icons.